Slenderman sat and sipped his coffee calmly. Jeff walked over. "Hi, Slendy." He said. "Hello, Jeff." Slenderman replied. "What are you drinking?" Jeff asked, curious. "Coffee." Slenderman answered, then handed him a mug. "I'll allow you to try some."

2 seconds later, Jeff made himself a mug of coffee. "Don't drink it all at once." Slenderman told Jeff. Jeff took a small sip then mover it from his mouth. He then drank it all at once.

Jeff suddenly felt all jittery. He jumped up and hugged/clinged to Slenderman. Slenderman spilled some of his coffee. "Jeff, get off!" He cried. Jeff still clung. Jane and Masky struggled to get him off. Jeff let go and kissed Jane then ran away. Jane almost vomited.

Ticci Toby saw him and grabbed his hoodie hood. "Jeff, what is wrong with you?" He asked. Jeff giggled. Slenderman came over. "Toby, can you remind me not to allow Jeff to have coffee?" He asked. Ticci Toby glared at him.

Jeff finally calmed down and  fell asleep. "Finally." Slenderman said. Ticci Toby smiled. Masky walked over to them, giggling. "What's so funny?" Slenderman asked Masky. "Jane is so grossed out about Jeff kissing her!" Masky said, giggling.

"He what?" Ticci Toby said, holding back laughter. "Oh no..." Slenderman said, annoyed. Ben ran over, panicked. "Ben, what happened?" Masky asked. "Kidnappers... Took... Hoodie!" Ben choked out, enraging Masky, he grabbed Ben by the belt he wore over his chest. "You let kidnappers take my brother?" Masky growled, scaring Ben.



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